Nation in new phase of economic prosperity: Veep

Vice-president Nanda Bahadur Pun today said that the nation had entered a new phase of economic prosperity.

Speaking at the concluding programme of the 9th human rights national magna meet in the capital today, Vice-president Pun expressed confidence that the new government would launch employment generating and productive programmes in the country.

Praising the role of political parties in implementing the constitution, the Vice-president stressed on unity among political parties.

Vice-president Pun added that prosperity in the country was not possible unless poor people were brought into the mainstream and said the issues of human rights also could not be implemented until poor people were uplifted economically and socially.

Pun said that issues of human rights were linked to economic, social and cultural sectors in the past but these issues were converted into peace, democracy and the endeavour to end poverty.

He further spoke for including the issues of child labour, domestic violence and brain drain in the domain of human rights.

Speaking at the same programme, National Human Rights Commission member Mohana Ansari and human rights activists Kapil Shrestha and Meena Acharya stressed on ending incidents of violation of human rights.