Campaign to dismantle Chhaupadi sheds launched in Kanchanpur

KANCHANPUR: A campaign has been launched recently to dismantle Chhaupadi sheds throughout the Bedkot Municipality of Kanchanpur district.The campaign initiated by the Conflict Victim and Single Women Development Centre, a local NGO, in coordination with Bedkot ward office, dismantled more than four dozens Chhaupadi sheds in wards 1 and 2 of the municipality.Chhaupadi — an outlawed ancient Hindu practice that banishes women to a shed during menstruation and after child birth deeming them impure — is criminalised by the government.“Chhaupadi is an ill practice, which is outlawed in the country”, said Sita Bohara, Chairperson at the Centre, adding that the campaign to end this practice has started in a bid to make Bedkot, a Chhaupadi sheds-free municipality.

source The himalayan